Disaster Management

Ardurra’s disaster management capabilities include planning, mitigation, recovery and close out as well as grant application development and overall program management. Ardurra’s staff has worked on 23+ federally declared disasters including hurricanes, floods, ice storms and tornadoes. We have extensive experience and recent hands on working knowledge of federal programs and funding sources including FEMA IA and PA, FEMA 404 and 406, HUD CDBG, CDBG-DR and HOME, USDA, EPA, FHWA, FTA and Wildlife & Fisheries. Ardurra knows how to navigate the system and we know when and where to tap into funding sources. We understand the rules to ensure funding sources are maximized and not jeopardized.

Engineering. For 15 years we have been furnishing post disaster engineering assessment, design, construction and federal funds management services to repair and restore shorelines and to harden wastewater, water and drainage facilities, streets & bridges and levees, floodwalls & floodgates. Ardurra’s in-house civil, structural, environmental, mechanical and hydraulic engineers have extensive experience in modeling, planning and hazard mitigation design. We understand the specific issues involved in assessments, emergency repairs, design, construction and closeout services as they relate to FEMA, HUD, USDA, EPA, US Army Corps of Engineers and other federal authorities.

Unfortunately, disasters can happen. Fortunately, there is Ardurra Group. Ardurra Group is experienced in providing smart disaster management services for local, regional, and national projects. We successfully provide relevant documents to state and national agencies in order to gain project assistance and expedite closeouts.

Our disaster management firm uses educated resources to create detailed outlines for funding usage, fund reimbursement, staff augmentation, and project monitoring. In addition to providing concise formulas for reimbursements and developments, Ardurra Group also provides construction observation services.

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Disaster Management Services

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